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The planet for our children

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The Unesco Publishing series 'Discovering The World' covers a wide range of topics considering our planet: environmental subjects such as biospheres, subjects related to earth sciences such as climate and the oceans and subjects concerning cultural heritage and the work of Unesco itself.

The booklets are small, to the point, attractive, colourful and informative, providing the (young) reader with a global understanding of processes appearing at the surface of our planet. Historical facts and figures, as well as chemical and biological knowledge is provided to give a background to understand these processes in a nutshell.

The booklets are a good start for the young reader into natural science as it helps him or her to understand the catastrophic news spread by the media on climate change and other phenomena threatening life on earth. Bilingual Dutch-English readers can take benefit from this fairly priced series, as in the Netherlands books for young readers covering these themes and combining the above mentioned qualities are scarce.

The majority of the titles is available in English, French and Spanish, some also in Arab. The languages selected represent the official languages in the Unesco organisation.

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